Thursday, December 30, 2010

Untitled by Dennis Wounded Shield

Dennis Wounded Shield

Untitled by Dennis Wounded Shield

Dennis Wounded Shield

(Title Unknown) by David Bush

(Title Unknown)
David Bush

Bones by Richard Amos

Richard Amos

Sienna by Angela Hedlund

Angela Hedlund

One Nation by Richard Amos

One Nation
Richard Amos

Untitled by Galen McDonald

Galen McDonald

Untitled by Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson

How to Train Your Dragon by Jordan Evans

How to Train Your Dragon
Jordan Evans

Methuselah by Richard Amos

Richard Amos

Sack Race at Kateri Picnic by Joey McLeister

Sack Race at Kateri Picnic
Joey McLeister

Bernice by Galen McDonald

Galen McDonald

Under the Dunwoody Bridge by Essie McKiernan

Two years, Maria and Richard
have lived here two years, and all the small
domesticities are present: pile of books
beside their mattresses, damp pages
furling in the breeze; red suitcase on wheels;
sea of plastic bottles (water, soda, vodka);
a tin dumpster-cubby lined now
with snacks; four pillows, seven blankets,
one monster quilt; someone’s frayed stuffed animal;
two green lawn-chairs with torn webbing;
a notebook, three pens, tampons.

Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper,
What shall we give him? Brown bread and butter.

Light never quite breaches shadow here,
and life beneath the bridge is so far below
the radar of believability
that my body sways a bit, trying to take it in.
20,000 wheels a day steer their way downtown;
in the camps below, the days continue
much like yesterday, invisible, unseen.

(an excerpt from Under the Dunwoody Bridge)
by Essie McKiernan

Mass X by Richard Amos

Mass X
Richard Amos

iCOLD! + ...No One Cares by Shawn Belcher

iCOLD! + ...No One Cares
Shawn Belcher

(Title Unknown) by Ten Bear

(Title Unknown)
Ten Bear

(Title Unknown) by Marc Simmons

(Title Unknown)
Marc Simmons

Reflections - Broken Mirror by N.J. Plath

The thirty nine hairline fractures
in my compact’s mirror
weaves a web around
my reflection
when I want to gaze at me.
I try not to remember
The many unsorted episodes
of my past.
it’s my past partner’s temper
that breaks through,
A temper that steamblew a
cyclone of pain, violence, torture, degredation & shame.
My mirror, every morning, reminds me.
Outside I look pretty much the same.
Inside I reflect the mirror.
Millions of shattered, jarred, pieces
Woven into frayed nerve endings and
my ‘been down so long…’ blues hanging over me.
I could get a new mirror,
even though this one works pretty well.
But I think I must wait.
I probably will when I start to feel better
from the degredation and all,
what difference does a broken mirror make,

by N.J. Plath

Sister by Richard Amos

Richard Amos

(Title Unknown) by Rainnie & Jeff Turner

(Title Unknown)
Rainnie & Jeff Turner

94 & Riverside by Conor McKiernan Moe

94 & Riverside
Conor McKiernan Moe

Cigarette Break by Essie McKiernan

I could smoke all night with them,
Manuel of the clean pressed pants
who thinks I’m from the INS, Manuel
of the earned paranoia; and Billy,
who tells me of the house he owned
two mortgages ago, the repossessed truck
he believes a bankruptcy lawyer
could help him get back. I hand Mike one,
then Lamont, and they’re amazed I smoke
at all, much less two brands. I tell them
my story about hedging bets with death,
how when I turned 30 I bought Camel Lights
and tried to alternate with Marlboros,
how I really didn’t use the word death
to myself but mortality instead
because it felt a little vaguer. I light one
more because we all have time on our hands,
because my ten year-old is at his dad’s
tonight where he is building a house
under the blanket for his cat, tucking her in
snug; where he will fall asleep holding
what he loves, knowing, even deep in childhood,
there is no greater shelter.

by Essie McKiernan

non-supportive housing by Brandon Sanford

non-supportive housing
Brandon Sanford

Sitting Bull's Feather by Jordan Evans

Sitting Bull's Feather
Jordan Evans

B by Richard Amos

Richard Amos